Sharing of worthy ideas in Armenia – TEDx in Yerevan

Publish Date: Apr 27, 2010

The eve of the 21st century entailed significant technological advances and scientific discoveries. Yet, the lack of information didn’t subside in both developed and developing countries. Some of the world’s greatest innovations, ideas, and discoveries have been suppressed to the scientific community. Moreover, the value of knowledge is now becoming more accentuated than ever, given the current state of the world when each nation and individual is tied to the uncontrollable happenings of the nature. Be it the global warming, financial and economic crisis, or terrorism and wars, the most important and vital mode of battle and survival is the knowledge and the willingness of all people to shape a better future for the current and future generations.

The TED is a small non-profit foundation, which fills the above mentioned gap of information sharing. Its objective is to provide a platform for the world’s well-known scientists, smartest thinkers, visionaries, and inspiring teachers to share their stories and give better understanding of the issues faced by the world. It was first originated in 1984 as a conference in the three main disciplines: Technology, Entertainment, and Design. However, over time it evolved into something greater than one could have imagined- spreading ideas to millions of people around the world. Moreover, the core objective of the TED is to inspire ordinary people, make them believe in themselves, and flicker the desire in them to help create a better future.

Nowadays, TED is organized as TED Conference, TEDGlobal, TEDActive, TEDIndia, TEDTalks, TEDPrize, and TEDx community program. The latest is organized independently in various places. This year, through the enormous efforts of many active TED members and volunteers, TEDx community program will be organized in Yerevan. With the theme “Our Future without Borders”, the TEDxYerevan event will take place in Yerevan on September 25th, 2010. The main objective of this event is gathering of world-leading thinkers, makers, and doers in Yerevan to discuss doing the unprecedented. Everyone can suggest talks and speakers, vote for the best ones, and the organizers will try to identify and recruit the best speakers and talks.

Please visit  and for more information about TED and TEDxYerevan.

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