Please support ARMACAD with your donations

Dear beneficiaries of ARMACAD, dear scholars, students, organizations, entrepreneurs, friends and all those, who wish a bright future for Academic Armenia and Armenians.

ARMACAD has been working for more than three years already as an initiative of the “Armenian Association for Academic Partnership and Support”. Throughout these three years it has accompanied you every day by providing information about worldwide academic news and opportunities. All of you, more than 4000 subscribers, are following and evaluating our work from various corners of the world.

During the last three years ARMACAD not only shared information but also organized more than 50 academic events – meetings, lectures and academic conferences. The potential of our volunteers will be sufficient to ensure the existence of ARMACAD for another 30 years and to continue providing information with the same enthusiasm. ARMACAD has never received financial support and the entire work is done on voluntary basis. We have no fundraising experience and it is quite possible that this letter does not even correspond to its objective.


I am now turning to the ARMACAD community to ask for financial support for our network. At the current stage just a simple pledge would be enough.

Your donation is necessary for ARMACAD to be able to have an equipped office, venue to organize events, facilities for providing free consultations, hire employees, create a web-page, obtain computers, stationery and printing supplies, organize trips to the regions of Armenia, organize international academic gatherings, ensure visibility in the real world along with its virtual presence, obtain necessary means for effective operation.

I assure you that your financial support can activate ARMACAD by 10 times, which on its turn will increase at least trice the effectiveness of the activities of other structures.

Believe me, at this moment the amount of work related to ARMACAD is tremendous, many problems simply do not find a solution, many questions remain open, many interesting ideas remain unrealized. I personally work for ARMACAD at nights, doing a job that several people would hardly do, and during the day I work on other things, which request the same amount of devotion. Please allow me to implement those new ideas with your support and do not let what we have already achieved lose its potential. Your donation is an urgent necessity for ARMACAD. With your support ARMACAD will turn into an academic platform with a new standard of quality.

I ask individual members to donate 10 000 AMD ($27), 20 000 AMD ($55) or more and organizations to donate 200 000 AMD ($550) or more. To ensure stable operability of ARMACAD for one year and to create a firm financial basis for activities in the coming years our objective is to raise 20 000 000 AMD ($55 000). This amount can easily be collected if 1000 out of 4000 ARMACAD beneficiaries donate at least 20 000 AMD.

Please write to about your intention to donate for this cause by mentioning the amount of possible donation in your message. Please include the word Pledge in the subject line of your letter. The deadline for submitting the pledge is January 6, 2011. After the deadline, if the necessary amount is accumulated, I will contact all of those, who were ready to donate and will inform you about the electronic or banking means of transferring funds. I will also introduce the ARMACAD development project the beneficiaries of which you and everybody else are going to be. The donors may choose not to disclose their names.

If the amount is not collected, there is still no need to worry. ARMACAD will continue to exist for another 30 years or more.

I am writing this letter with the hope that we can all together support a structure which has been supporting us without self-interest.

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Khachik Gevorgyan, founder of ARMACAD

Publish Date
December 04, 2010