Hayk Ishkhanyan obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Publish Date: Nov 22, 2010

n June of 2010 Hayk Ishkhanyan graduated from MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) General and Applied Physics Department.

Passing state graduation exams with honors, he defended his Bachelor thesis entitled “Resonant above-barrier reflection or transmission of Bose-Einstain condensates” (the defence took place a month earlier than usual)

Currently in international peer researched journals (such as Physical Review A, J. of Physics B) and in proceedings of international conferences Hayk has 12 published papers. Some of his other papers are to be published soon.

Taking Hayk’s educational and scientific results as a basis, the state examination committee recommended him continue his study and research directly in “aspirantura” (an analog of PhD program with usual duration of 3 years), passing the “magistratura” step (equivalent of masters program usually lasts 2 years). This is an unprecedented decision.

Currently, Hayk Ishkhanyan is a junior researcher at Institute for Physical Researchof National Academy of Sciences of RA. He investigates the above-barrier absolute transmission and reflection of Bose-Einstein Condensates from barriers and wells of different forms.

Involving 4 other “Luys” scholars, Hayk Ishkhanyan formed a small research group. Members of the group, who live in different countries, stay connected via internet forming a networked laboratory without walls.

Hayk Ishkhanyan is a full member of Armacad.

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