UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, 20–29 March 2020, Ukraine

Publish Date: Sep 16, 2019

Deadline: Dec 10, 2019


Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is held annually in the last week of March in Kyiv. On completion, Docudays UA traditionally presents the best movies in the regions of Ukraine within the Docudays UA Travelling Festival. Films are demonstrated from October to December (inclusive).



To promote popularization and development of documentary film and to raise the level of respect for human rights in Ukraine.


We create opportunities for every person in Ukraine to watch the most talented and present-day documentary films from all over the world. This contributes to the development of critical thinking, the creation of active citizen position, and appreciation of the highest value of human dignity. By realizing our mission we promote popularization and development of documentary film and to increase of the level of respect for human rights in Ukraine.

The 17th Docudays UA will take place in Kyiv Cinema House on March 22-29, 2020.

Festival is non-political and non-profit. 


  • Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights;
  • Non-Government Оrganization “Docudays”;
  • Charitable organization “Charity and Health Found”;
  • Centre for Modern Information Techniques and Visual Arts.

Every year, organizers of the upcoming Festival create Organizing Committee consisting of representatives of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Non-Government Оrganization “Docudays”, Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation (KRCHF), Centre for Modern Information Techniques and Visual Arts and invited experts in the documentary, human rights, management and fundraising. All decisions on the Festival program, guests, jury members, seminars and workshops are adopted by the Organizing Committee.

Selection criteria

  • Films made in 2018 – 2019.
  • Only films not screened earlier in competition programs of other Ukrainian festivals, on Ukrainian TV, Ukrainian cinema and internet can participate in international competition programs. 
  • There is no restriction on genre, running time or year of production for non-feature films participating in the non-competition program, films of any timing unrestricted in the year of production are allowed notwithstanding the fact whether the film was screened earlier in competition programs of other Ukrainian festivals, on Ukrainian TV or Ukrainian cinema.
  • The premiere requirement of Docudays UA is the Ukrainian premiere. Exceptions can be made for non-competitive programs.
  • A film is allowed to be submitted to the Selection Committee only one single time. If a film was not accepted for the competition, the application next year will not be considered.
  • Films that were made to order, or represent report on activities of some organizations, or realization of certain projects, spread pronounced propaganda, lobby political or commercial interests, instructional and training films are debarred from participation.
  • All the submitted online links are stored in the festival archive (in the FilmFreeway online database).
  • If a film has been selected for a festival program, the festival has the right to use sequences from the film, up to the total length of 3 minutes, for the purpose of its popularization.
  • The festival has the right to upload all the films included in its film program to its online library. The resource is managed by Docudays UA and works from the first day of the festival and for three months after the end of the festival. The purpose of the online library is to provide online access to the festival film program only to the accredited participants and guests during the festival week. Accordingly, persons accredited at the festival will receive three months of access to watching the festival films online (starting with the opening day of the festival). The access is individual and cannot be transferred to third parties. None of the films in the online library can be copied, published elsewhere, downloaded, uploaded, transferred, screened, accessed by or distributed to any third parties.

Application submission means you comply with the Festival Regulations and acknowledge the Festival right to use submitted materials in non-commercial purposes.




The program features creative documentaries in which ethical and legal problems are revealed through expressive artistic means. The competition program consists of three sections. 

  • DOCU/WORLD is the international competition of feature- and medium-length documentaries which are longer than 30 minutes. 
  • DOCU/SHORT is the international competition of short documentaries which are up to 30 minutes long. 
  • DOCU/UKRAINE is the national competition. It includes documentaries of varying lengths, created in Ukraine or in co-production with Ukraine.

The festival also awards a special prize to the winner among the films nominated for the RIGHTS NOW! award.


Every year, the Festival chooses the main topic whose different aspects are presented in the non-competitive program. In addition, the Festival offers traditional programs such as DOCU/BEST (international award-winning films), DOCU/ART (films about art and artists), DOCU/YOUTH (the program for children and teenagers), and retrospectives of famous directors.

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