Kokuyo Design Award 2019


October 18, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Kokuyo Design Award 2019

The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD is an international competition for user-centric product design, where the best of the best are actually put on the consumer market.

Last year, we received a total of 1,289 entries from product designers in more than 46 countries.
Past award winners have included hit products like the Kadokeshi eraser,
the Nameless Paints, and the True Measure ruler.
We are looking for any and all ideas to turn into actual products.
Be sure to submit your design for the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2020.


Any stationery, furniture or tool used in working, learning and living scenes


The competition accepts entries from any corporation, individual, or group that fulfills all the following requirements, regardless of their age, sex, occupation, or nationality.

1. Persons able to make a presentation at final judging (secondary judging) in Tokyo. (May 14, 2020)

* The contest organizer will pay expenses incurred by participants for travel and lodging 
(up to two individuals for group entries).

2. Those who consent to these Rules.

* In cases when an entrant is a minor, the consent of their parent or other statutory agent is required.



* Entry eligibility is limited to those designs never before shown publicly (in Japan, other countries).


Grand Prix 2,000,000en / Merit Award 500,000en

* Special prizes may be awarded.

* Not all prizes may be awarded for all categories if there is no winner selected.

* Prize money will be paid net of withholding tax, surtax for reconstruction funding, and other applicable deductions.

* The amount shown in dollar is that calculated at the time of publication. The prize will be calculated according to the exchange rate at the time of payment, from the amount shown in Japanese yen.

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