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Opportunity Cover Image - Winning Project of January 2018 - Awesome Foundation Yerevan

Awesome Foundation Yerevan is happy to announce the winning project of January 2018: Elina Hovakimyan’s "Congratulations! You Recycled Your Plastic".

The aim of "Congratulations! You Recycled Your Plastic" is to visualize the recycling process by locating a  special recycling machine at a public place and doing the recycling right there, where people can bring their own plastic bottles, throw them in the recycling bin and try to fill the machine with beforehand cultivated plastic waste to see how it works. The implementation of this project will help to spread the idea of recycling to a wider sector of society.

Awesome Foundation Yerevan is a team of trustees devoted to supporting the ideas that make our reality more awesome. We give a $1.000 no-strings-attached monthly micro grant to the winning project of the month. We want to give you the opportunity to implement your own ideas which can contribute to the improvement of our society.

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Publish Date
March 11, 2018