Youthpass in Action. Impact, practice and future


April 11, 2013

Event Date:

June 24, 2013 - June 25, 2013

Opportunity Cover Image - Youthpass in Action. Impact, practice and future

Brussels, Belgium – FL

‘Youthpass in Action’ is an occasion to learn about and reflect on the results of the Youthpass Impact Study (to be published in spring 2013), to show good practices of using the tool, and to discuss the ways forward for Youthpass.

Youthpass, the recognition tool and strategy of the Youth in Action, was launched in July 2007. Almost six years later, the European Commission publishes the results of the Youthpass Impact Survey. A considerable amount of experience has been made across Europe on putting Youthpass into practice, on implementing it as a tool to reflect on the learning within the Youth in Action projects, and on using it for further pathways. At the same time, the approaching new programme generation (2014-2020) means new perspectives and frameworks for Youthpass.


‘Youthpass in Action’ is an opportunity to discuss the following questions:
- What is the impact of Youthpass, considering its different roles (tool, process, strategy), on young people, youth workers, youth work?
- What are the lessons to be learned from the experiences so far?
- What is the future framework for the recognition tool, in the light of more general educational trends?
- What are the needs and opportunities for the development of Youthpass?

‘Youthpass in Action’ is an event for national and European policy makers, youth workers and youth leaders, trainers in the youth field, National Agencies, and other experts who are interested in and wish to contribute to the future implementation of Youthpass.

The aims of the event:

- Learn about and discuss the results of the Youthpass impact study
- Explore the good practices of using Youthpass
- Develop recommendations for the future development of the tool and the surrounding strategy
- Last but not least, celebrate the Youthpass achievements

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March 19, 2013