Humboldt Post-Doc Fellowships

Publish Date: Feb 10, 2013

Humboldt Post-Doc Fellowship

The Postdoctoral Fellowships funding line facilitates the transition from the postdoctoral phase to a professorship.

This funding line offers up to three-year postdoctoral positions at Humboldt-Universität to outstanding young researchers who have recently completed their PhD. During this time, the postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to extend and refine their academic profile. They conduct a research project of high academic quality and originality in cooperation with partners at Humboldt-Universität and, where relevant, their non-university partners.

Who can apply?

Excellent postdoctoral researchers from Germany and abroad; half of the fellowships are awarded to women.

What are the relevant criteria?

The research proposal should be original and of a high academic standard; the research should be conducted in cooperation with partners at HU and, where relevant, their non-university partners.

How much funding is provided?

There will be up to eight temporary positions (public sector pay scale 13, full time) during the Institutional Strategy’s funding phase; funding is provided for three years.

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications can be submitted as soon as the announcement is online; the deadline is 5 April. The positions are temporary with a maximum duration of three years (funding begins on 1 August).

What is the application procedure?

Call for application (PDF)

  1. Standard application form, including a project description, CV and list of publications
  2. Description of the research project to be conducted during the fellowship, including information on the candidate’s academic objectives (maximum of two pages)
  3. Letter of recommendation from the candidate’s PhD supervisor
  4. Statement by the host institute/department
  5. Copy of the candidate’s PhD thesis and one major publication from the last two years (articles, lectures, papers, book chapters)
  6. The host institute/department should inform the dean of the relevant faculty about the application.

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