International Conference on Balkan Linguistics, 6-7 May 2013, Toruń

Publish Date: Jan 28, 2013

Deadline: Feb 28, 2013

Event Dates: from May 06, 2013 12:00 to May 07, 2013 12:00

International Conference on Balkan Linguistics

6-7 May 2013, Toruń
Joint conference of the
Commission of Balkanology
Institute of Slavic Philology of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
Commission Sotheast Eruopa – Turkey – Black Sea
Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Languages of the conference: English, French and Slavic Balkan Languages


  • ·Theory of areal studies
  • ·Unknown fields of convergence
  • ·The Paleo-Balkan-German relations

6 May – subjects 1 & 3 – languages: English and French

7 May – subject 2 – languages: English, French and Slavic Balkan

Since four years Poland has been a member of the Balkan Linguistic Commission affiliated by International Committee of Slavicists. After the meetings in Veliko Tyrnovo (Bulgaria), Wien (Austria) and Iasi (Rumania), it is now turn of Poland to organize the meeting. The Nicolaus Copernicus University of Toruń seems to be the best place, as it has the longest tradition in balkanology in Poland. Next meetings will be held in Goteborg and Venice.

The so-called geographical linguistics is one among the most important branches of linguistics as it observes the mechanisms of the linguistic change in the conditions of multilingualism, thus it observes the main mechanisms of the development of languages. As far as these problems are concerned, the so-called Western Balkans still consisting of multinational countries, are an extremely interesting area, as the convergence processes can be observed there in stato nascendi. The conference will be thus devoted to the most basic and the most important subjects as: theory of areal studies and new fields of convergence (apart of morpho-syntactic features). The special subject fixed at the last meeting in Iasi is: the Paleo-Balkan-German relations.

During the conference there will be also two formal meetings of the two Commissions.

Application should be send by the 28th February 2013 to: or

For actualization of the program see and

Thede Kahl (secretary of the Commission of Balkanology)

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