PHENOMIN National Infrastructure in Biology and Health

PHENOMIN's school provides the unique opportunity for you to discuss their research in detail with experts as well as peers.

  • Connection between doctoral education and international research projects
  • Theory and workshops
  • Networking and socialising

PHENOMIN is the National Infrastructure in Biology and Health granted in 2011 by the Investissements d'Avenir program.

The Infrastructure gathers 3 complementary centers to serve and support the scientific community for the best use of mouse phenogenomics in Research. PHENOMIN missions and realizations enable to

  • Address services to the academic and industrial scientific communities
  • Build a unique resource of model animals for fundamental reasearch, biotechnological and biopharmaceutical innovations

Address: Château du Liebfrauenberg 220 rue du Château, 67360 Goersdorf, France


Phone: +33 3 88 09 31 21