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The University of Udine, or Universita Degli Studi Di Udine in Italian, is a publicly funded university located in the city of Udine in the north east of Italy. After an earthquake hit the area of Friuli in 1976, reconstruction of the area commenced. This project included the foundation of the university, which opened its doors in 1978. The aim of the institute was to ensure that the community of Friuli had somewhere they could train in scientific and cultural studies, and where the Friulian language formed an important part of teaching and learning. Although the university has a policy that states only Italian-speaking students can attend, the institution is heavily involved in student exchange projects to boost its ethos of international relations, with students from universities in Canada, Australia and the rest of the European Union taking part.

The University of Udine is split into eight teaching departments dedicated to: economics and statistics; languages and literature; communication, education and society; law; food, environmental and animal sciences; humanistic studies and cultural heritage; medicine; mathematics, computer science and physics; and engineering and architecture. While the university's main campus is located in Udine, other sites across Friuli host buildings and facilities. These include centres located in Cormons, Gemona, Garizia, Pardenone and Tarcento.




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