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«Tіlep» Private Charitable Foundation

«Tіlep» Private Charitable Foundation was registered 9 March 2004. The Foundation is a public non-governmental organization that does not seek political and commercial aims.

Fund Objectives: cultural, educational, promotional and publishing activities, organization of sponsorship aimed at charitable purposes.

 During the fund, a following activities were successfully carried out:

  • Provision of charitable assistance for the society of disabled,  nursing homes and orphanages in Astana;

  • Construction of two buildings for orphans in the Children's Village «SOS Kinderdorf», Astana;

  • Sponsorship of the many concerts, including the ensemble of national instruments named «Tіlep» - organized by the students of the KazNAM; winner of the International Charitable Fund of Vladimir Spivakov's Moscow Quartet kobyz players «Tіlep», winner of the International Festival in Sydney (Australia) in 2005, Spain in 2006.

  • The payment of monthly stipends for KazNAM students (12), the payment of travel and costumes, video clips.

  • Organization of concerts of folk instruments ensembles, symphony orchestra, choir and kobyz players called «Music of the Great Steppe»;

  • General sponsor of the international contest of Kazakh song «Astana-2005», which took place in Astana (23.10 - 26.10.2005) and «Astana-2006» - September 2006 «Astana-Tlep 2007»- September 2007;

  • Establishment of prizes in eight categories of the republican contest «Shabyt», two prizes for contestants Vocalists. K. Baiseitova in Astana, two prizes for the best performance of the Republic of Kazakhstan composers at the international contest of violinists in Uralsk, W-K region. and a prize at the national aytys Akın (Astana), on Kurmangazy Competition - 8 prizes;

  • Sponsorship of many scientific expeditions to Kazakhstan, the Middle East, Cyprus, Mongolia, North Africa and Europe, etc.

  • Assisting professional creative teams and composers in composing musical works, including musical drama, concerts for kobyz with chamber and symphony orchestras, choir and organ. Organization of building a modern musical composition by Karl Jenkins, composer of the UK, based popular works on the (kui) kobyz and dombra, the Kazakh folklore, and releasing a CD on «Sony Classic» Studio - London (United Kingdom) - Presentation of the contest was held in London (in Albert hall), Tokyo (Japan) and in Astana and other countries.

  • Support for young talented artists in the creation of artistic images of famous people and historical figures of Kazakhstan, as well as writers, akyns, reporters in the creation of their creative works, books, magazines, newspapers and holding creative concerts;

  • The construction of a concert hall «Tіlep-Kobyz Palace» in Astana;

  • Organization of the creation of the modern ballet «Tіlep and Saryқyz» based on the eponymous poem bard (poet) NesipbekaAituly, talented composer Almas Serkebayev and choreographer Edward Rozinsky (USA), director - choreographer Robert North (the United States);

  • Creation of ethno-folk ensemble «Kok turіkter» to promote the ethno-folk music in Kazakhstan and abroad;

  • Organization of the Kazakhstan Premier Suite «Tlep» and «May night» ( «Abai», «Shakarim», «Sarykyz») in «Astana Opera» theater of opera and ballet with the participation of well-known British composer, conductor Karl Jenkins and «Symphony Orchestra Almaty» running by Marat Bisengaliyev;

  • Carrying out of the International festival of ethnic cultures, entitled «Historyand Culture» with guest artists from 16 countries of the Far and the Middle abroad and the Republic of Kazakhstan.





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