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Daphne Jackson Trust is the UK's leading organisation dedicated to realising the potential of scientists and engineers returning to research following a career break.

Daphne Jackson Fellowships offer STEM professionals the opportunity to return to research following a career break of two years or more when taken for family, caring or health reasons.

A Daphne Jackson Fellowship provides a unique combination of mentoring, retraining and research, providing its Fellows with the confidence and skills they need to successfully return to a STEM research career.

To date, we have helped over 347 individuals return to STEM research careers. Daphne Jackson Fellowships are normally 2 or 3 years in length and based in a university or research institute anywhere in the UK. We award up to 25 Fellowships a year and currently have over 40 Fellows in place.

We’re a registered charity, governed by a board of Trustees, and based in the Department of Physics at the University of Surrey.






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