7 best resources to publish and promote academic announcements (fellowships, scholarships, summer schools, call for papers)

Opportunity Cover Image - 7 best resources to publish and promote academic announcements (fellowships, scholarships, summer schools, call for papers)


Here is the list of all international summer schools.


Are you organizing an academic conference or a summer school?

Have you prepared a call for articles for your peer reviewed journal or want to announce a fellowship to honor someone in your department or University?

Maybe you offer a scholarship to students or you have a wonderful grant for international researchers?

Do you need more people from international academic circles to learn about your academic event or opportunity?

If these are the questions which you care about, then this guide is for you.

There are only several recognized international academic resources/platforms, which will help you to disseminate your announcement to international targeted readership and make you assured that it will be delivered to those who will for sure apply to your opportunities.


1. Mailing lists


Basically, each academic discipline has a community of followers or associations, which in their turn posses one or several specialized mailing lists.

Usually students and researchers, faculty members and professors, somehow, by default, are becoming a part of such mailing lists, though those lists are never widely promoted or advertised.

If you want an academic opportunity organized by you in a specific field be distributed as wide as possible, please, first of all, identify such mailing lists and become a subscriber of those lists.

If you are a subscribed member of such academic mailing lists it is always free of charge to send your announcement to all subscribers.

Some mailing lists have moderators and your announcement may undergo a review process before being published.


2. H-net


H-net is one of the biggest Humanities networks for academic announcement publishers.

It is divided into many small and big sub-chapters for each discipline.

You have to sign in and create a full user profile and after that, you will be allowed to publish your announcement across hundreds of categories and disciplines.

H-net provides a detailed list of all its subcategories and disciplines with the number of subscribers.

So whenever you publish your announcement on H-net it will also be distributed via email to all those who have subscribed to a particular list.

In H-net you may publish any information about upcoming conferences, conference programs, scholarships, fellowships, new journal content, introduce a new academic website or any other relevant announcement.

Sometimes the published announcement may undergo a review by the H-net admins.


3. Jobs.ac.uk


This resource possesses a huge mailing list of interested people in various academic fields, who have previously subscribed to academic disciplines of their interest.

Jobs.ac.uk primarily publishes announcements from UK-based universities, academic and research institutions as well as foundations and NGOs.

Apart from this, any organization beyond the UK may also publish an announcement here.

There are different pricing policies for announcement publishing on jobs.ac.uk ranging from £199 till £2635.




ARMACAD is a complete academic announcements’ publishing solution.

On this website, you can publish any academic program in any discipline starting $99.99 for one announcement.

While publishing the announcement, you may specify the disciplines that announcement belongs to as well as the categories, such as scholarship, fellowship, summer school, conference call for paper, etc. More importantly, ARMACAD allows you to specify the host country of the program as well as the eligible country from where the applicant may apply.

As soon as your article is published it will be distributed to subscribed users of ARMACAD who had previously specified their academic disciplines, countries of residence and categories of interest (i.e conference, research programs, scholarships)

In this sense, you may rest assured, that your academic announcement will be received by targeted readership worldwide. Moreover, after being published, the announcement will also be shared on ARMACAD facebook and twitter pages.

ARMACAD published announcements are also very well indexed my search engines, and a lot of readers are coming to ARMACAD’s website from google and bing and find what they had exactly searched for.

Readers can also register in ARMACAD and use “Save in my favorites” tool to get deadline reminders directly to their email as the deadline to apply to the particular opportunity approaches.

ARMACAD will offer you a fully functional dashboard to follow the statistics of each published announcement as well as, if you activate the feature, to receive applications directly in ARMACAD.

ARMACAD also has 24 hours customer support and there is always someone to help you out.

5. StudyPortals


StudyPortals combines several resources, which are very popular among students.

It consists of 9 websites (BachelorsPortal.com, MastersPortal.com, PhDportal.com, ShortCoursesPortal.com, DistanceLearningPortal.com, ScholarshipPortal.com, STeXX.eu, LanguageLearningPortal.com, PreparationCoursesPortal.com) where each one is for a specific type of academic program.

To publish an announcement in Study portal you have to contact the marketing department.


6. Conferencealerts


Conferencealerts is a great tool to promote conferences in basically all academic disciplines.

This resource offers free subscription plan through which conference organizers will be allowed to post 20 conference announcements per year for free.

They also offer additional visibility tools for extra payment.

Conferencealerts will not allow you to publish the whole call of your conference on their website.

You will be allowed to publish the title, a short description and a link to the original website of the conference, as well as some other details about the dates and the venue.


7. StudyQA


StudyQA is the study search platform for students from Russia, CIS countries and Central Asia. Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, StudyQA team has been working with local students for the last 10 years. Students are able to reach out directly to the university of their interest via the website: www.studyqa.com. Questions are forwarded instantly to the admissions office e-mail address, so no question is left unanswered.

StudyQA offers marketing and advertising services to universities, language courses and internship providers, which are interested in attracting more students from Russia and post-soviet republics to their campuses. Among the services are lead generation (digital advertising, custom-made) campaigns, vk.com promo and premium listing placements of programs. More information on the available options, pricing and exposure levels can be found here: https://studyqa.com/marketing


Publish Date
May 25, 2017