14th World Congress of Social Economics | Towards an Ethical Economy and Economics

| January 21, 2012


Scholarship / Financial aid: a $400 USD prize+1 year membership in ASE
Date: June 20-22, 2012
Deadline: February 1, 2012
Open to: everyone interested
Announcement follows
Social economics, with its focus on social values, social interactions, and ethics, is particularly well suited to provide insightful analyses on the present state of economics as a discipline and on the state of the world economy. The international financial crisis, the European sovereign debt crisis, and increasing inequalities throughout the world raise important social and ethical issues concerning the interactions of governments, financial institutions, individuals, communities, and the economics profession. Social economics offers valuable alternative evaluations of economic activity that lead toward a more ethical and sustainable economy and a more relevant economics.
We welcome proposals for complete sessions and for individual papers – conceptual, applied and empirical – related to the theme of the conference as well as in all areas of social economics. Some topics for discussion might include:
◦What is meant by an ‘ethical economics’ and an ‘ethical economic system’?
◦What does an increased awareness of the ethics of economic activities imply for social relations and values and for economics?
◦What are the manifestations of an ethical economy in terms of: corporate social responsibility; sustainable consumption; economic organisation, such as co-operatives, and the structure of finance, such as regulation, micro-finance, mutualisation, and credit unions?
◦What are the relationships between an ethical economy and social capital? Does a high incidence of social capital ensure an ethical economy and ethical economic activities? What does an ethical economy mean for the “third sector” and social enterprise? Does it relate to the UK Prime Minister’s (David Cameron) notion of the “Big Society”?
◦What does an ethical economy imply for economic performance? What are the measures of performance and well-being in an ethical economy? Would an ethical economy be more equal? If so, in what respects?
◦What does an ethical economy imply for the distribution of income, wealth, and power both within a country and among countries?
◦What are the relations between an ethical economy and a green economy?
◦What are the social and ethical responsibilities of economics and of economists?
◦What are the macroeconomic manifestations of ethical considerations – what is an ethical fiscal policy? To what extent is the conventional wisdom concerning sovereign debt crises misguided?
Abstract Submissions 
To submit a proposal please send an abstract of about 400 words for a paper and/or a proposal of about 600 words for a session, together with the abstracts of the session papers, no later than February 1, 2012. Please include the title of the session or the paper, the authors’ names and institutional affiliations, and contact information in the form of an e-mail address for the corresponding author.
Submissions of Abstract Proposals should be sent to: Elba Brown-Collier at email@edmis.com . The subject line should read ASE Glasgow Conf 2012 sub (surname of submitter) e.g. ASE Glasgow Conf 2012 Sub (McMaster).
Student Paper Award
We welcome submissions for the Elba Brown-Collier Best Student Paper Award. This paper must be written by a graduate student(s). Professors cannot be co-authors. For the submission, the paper should be no longer than 8,000 words. The award committee of senior members of the Association for Social Economics will adjudicate the submitted papers. ASE sponsors the award.
The winner of the Best Student Paper Competition 2012 receives:
◦$400 USD
◦One year’s membership in ASE which includes subscriptions to The Review of Social Economics and the Forum for Social Economics
To be eligible for the award the student author must register for the conference and present her/his paper. The status of each author must be clearly stipulated (first, second and/or third authors, M.A. Students, Ph.D students, etc.) Please submit your paper through the regular submission process as described above.
Keynote Speakers 
◦Opening Plenary Speaker
Sir Anthony “Tony” Atkinson, Research Professor, Department of Economics, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
◦Cairncross Lecture
Ben Fine, Professor of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Other Information
At least one author of the paper presented at the World Congress must be a member of ASE. Additional Conference information and Registration information can also be found on this website.
Organising Committee 
Robert McMaster (Chair), University of Glasgow
Jane Clary, College of Charleston
Elba Brown-Collier, Association for Social Economics
Mark Hayes, University of Cambridge
Helena Lopes, ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon
Fabio Sabatini, Sapienza Universitá di Roma
Martha Starr, American University, Washington DC
Important Dates
February 1, 2012 - Deadline for Abstract Submission
March 1, 2012 - Notification of Accepted Abstracts
April 15, 2012 – Conference Registration Deadline
May 15, 2012 – Deadline for Submitting Full Papers
June 20, 2012 – Opening Plenary Session and Reception, Tony Atkinson, speaker
June 21, 2012 – Conference Dinner
June 22, 2012 – Closing Keynote Address, The Cairncross Lecture, Ben Fine, speaker


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